Amplify Black Women’s Voices… No Approval or Permission Needed!

Um…Yes for all of this!


In 2017, I made some really insignificant mistakes that surely I and others will eventually forget. There were also some huge mistakes that I am doing my best to learn from and rectify. I opened my inbox several months ago to a disturbing email after submitting an article about poverty, race, and black women the email read, “Your writing is horrible, it is really the worst that I have read and I don’t have time as an editor to make it better or even care to, really your writing and grammar sucks”.

Now don’t get me wrong I receive several rejection letters, no calls, no replies etc. in a week as I put myself and writing out there a whole lot. Most of them are form letters stating, “Thank you for submitting we are not at this time able to publish your submission” , and some are a little more specific giving detail on how I can make my work a better…

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